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April 10, 2021

Want to join?

If you’re a musician and think we’re just having too much fun on the stage and would like to join us, please come talk to us after a performance.  There are instruments – balalaikas, domras, and bayans (and accordions) available on eBay.

Domras:  The 4-stringed version is tuned in 5ths, identical to the violin & mandolin families.  If you already play a violin-type or mandolin-type instrument, the 4-string domra will be very easy transition for you.

The 3-stringed domra is tuned in 4ths.  If you are familiar with instruments tuned in 4th’s, this might be the version for you.

Balalaika: Is a 3-stringed instrument, 2 strings of which are tuned identically.  It is said that guitar players and perhaps ukulele players make the transition pretty easily.  You might be interested in this playlist of balalaika lessons here.

Bayan: Is a chromatic button accordion, which has buttons for both the right and left hand, as apposed to an accordion, which has a piano keyboard for the right hand and buttons on the left.  You might be interested in bayan lessons from our friend Nina Tritenichenko. Nina is fluent in several languages.

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